B2B Influencer Marketing: Unlocking New Growth Opportunities

Learn how to tap into new audiences and markets through effective B2B influencer marketing strategies.

Updated: June 19, 2024

Influencer marketing is a trend that has become popular in recent years because influencers can create social proof, share your brand with new audiences, and educate consumers on your products.

Many strategies can be applied to influencer marketing. Creating a solid strategy specific to B2B sales and implementing that strategy is essential for success.

This article explains B2B influencer marketing, its workings, benefits, and how to build a successful influencer marketing strategy to help your B2B business grow.

What is B2B Influencer Marketing?

B2B influencer marketing is a powerful tool used by many brands to help their business grow. In general, using leaders or celebrities with a large following to promote and sell your products is known as influencer marketing. You can reach new audiences by sharing your brand on their platforms. B2B influencer marketing works differently than B2C influencer marketing.
Content marketing and social media marketing are combined into one strategy in influencer marketing. You can succeed by pairing that with a trusted individual with a valuable reputation. Influencer marketing is also known as getting a public testimonial or review from someone with a loyal and dedicated following.

How is it beneficial for your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Reach New Audiences

When you use an influencer marketing campaign, you now have a new audience group: the influencer's followers. An influencer shares your product with their followers and even their followers' followers when they broadcast your product. Influencers can reach viewers beyond their current audience with a dedicated following. Your brand awareness can be increased quickly by using influencer marketing.

Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Influencers generally share your products with their opinions and feedback. An influencer who loves your product will share a positive recommendation with their followers if you partner with them. They have a special trust built since their followers are often dedicated and loyal. The followers will be eager to try the product if your influencer praises it enthusiastically.


A new voice can be given to your brand by collaborating with knowledgeable and influential people in your market, especially in B2B influencer marketing. When you work with people who are leaders in your industry, you need to work with well-informed individuals who can provide insights and ideas about your advertisements, products, and brand to take advantage.

Social Validation

Consumers generally make decisions based on what other people are doing with social proof. Influencers are powerful leaders who can influence the choices and decisions of other people. Your brand's social proof can be increased by having an influential spokesperson sharing your brand with internet communities. You can access the celebrity endorsement method without paying celebrity prices. Most consumers now find influencers more trustworthy than celebrities.

Create Reusable Content

User-generated content, or UGC, can be used to gather marketing creatives. An influencer will create content to share on their social media platforms when you partner with them. A picture or a video is creative material you can use in all your marketing strategies. You can share it on your website, in print marketing, or emails.

How Does B2B Influencer Marketing Work?

B2B influencer marketing is similar to B2C influencer marketing as it relies on recommendations from influential people. However, more credentials are needed for B2B influencers than for B2C influencers.

B2B influencer marketing depends on influencers with deep industry knowledge, irrespective of your industry. They must be well-known, influential people within your industry, as an industry expert will have a better return for your business.

Your influencer must know what they are talking about, as your target audience will be those with deep industry knowledge, including decision-makers, people who make corporate operational decisions, buying decisions, and those involved with business-to-business matters. You can implement B2B influencer marketing into your marketing strategies in many ways.

Social Media

Social media is the standard format of influencer marketing, where your influencer shares your brand on their well-established social media platforms. They share content reviewing or recommending your brand when you send them your product.

Guest Blog Post

An excellent form of B2B influencer marketing is to have industry experts guest star on your website and write a blog post. Their expertise can be used. You can let them share industry insights and direct their audiences to your website.

Video Marketing & Tutorials

Knowledgeable influencers can be used to educate their audiences and yours for B2B influencer marketing. You can also pair with other businesses and industry leaders to inform consumers of your products, brand, and offerings.

How to Build a B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy?

A B2B influencer marketing strategy can be built by following these steps:

Set Your Goals and Budget

The success of any marketing strategy depends on clear goals and a sufficient budget, especially if you want your plan to be driven by results. The KPIs most important to you and most indicative of success and growth must be determined to define your goals. Impressions and reach can be great KPIs to track if your goal is to increase brand awareness. Conversions and action-focused KPIs can be beneficial to focus on if your goal is sales.

You should also be aware of the budget you are setting with your goals and KPIs. Make sure your KPI goals reflect your budget and vice versa.

Source Influencers

Look for influencers who are known or acknowledged in your industry. Examine their credentials once you identify the right influencer. Influencers generally have a media kit that contains details about their rates and statistics, such as their average reach, follower count, and other performance indicators. Make sure their credentials match your budget and goals.

Do Your Research

When sourcing influencers, please research whether you want to work with them. Various software and tools can help you research and narrow down the B2B influencers you should work with. Social networks, like Twitter, LinkedIn, or professional Facebook groups, can also be used. When conducting research, keeping your goals in mind, as well as your KPIs, will help you narrow down your results and make the best decision possible.

Nurture Your Relationships

Working with influencers is a business partnership, and this partnership should be nurtured to create a positive, long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship between your B2B influencers and your business. Ensure your influencers have plenty of good things to say about your company as they advocate for your brand.

Set Clear Guidelines and Expectations

Your influencers can create content that will work for them and you by setting clear guidelines and expectations. Top-notch content that attracts customers and aligns with your other marketing strategies is required. Contracts can be used for both parties to sign, and you should be transparent about how you will measure success. Influencers will be able to share insights into how they will aim to meet your goals and identify whether there are issues with your strategy, as they are also experts in marketing.

Educate Your Influencers

Provide the tools to succeed by educating your B2B influencers on your brand and products. Teach them how to educate their viewers on your products by either organizing a call or sharing an informative product brief. You will lead them on how to sell your products in turn.

They should be clear about the benefits of your product or offer, its workings or uses, and the problem it will solve for consumers. Your influencers will be able to educate their audiences too, once you educate your influencers.

Encourage Creativity

Give your influencers creative control and let them do what they do best, as they are experts in their industries and content creation. Let them create content to share on their platforms. Be clear with your expected deliverables, and let them do the rest.

Don't Expect Quick Results

Don't expect quick results, as influencer marketing is a lengthy process, which is all about building relationships that take time. Your influencers are building relationships with their audiences while you're building your relationship with them. This way, they become trustworthy and influential leaders. Invest time in your partnership, as repetitive, consistent partnerships perform better than solo campaigns.

In conclusion, B2B influencer marketing offers a unique opportunity to elevate your business by leveraging the trust and credibility of industry experts. By crafting a well-defined strategy, setting clear goals, and selecting the right influencers, you can expand your reach, boost customer loyalty, and enhance your brand's social validation. Remember to foster strong relationships, provide clear guidelines, and encourage creative freedom to maximize the impact of your campaigns. Although results may take time, the investment in building these partnerships can lead to substantial long-term benefits.