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We help you find the right products, services & softwares for your business and help generate qualified leads for small businesses.


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A platform for small businesses to connect with suppliers from around the globe.

Getatoz For Buyers

Post your requirement

Post your requirement to get the best deals from our wide network of suppliers.

Receive suppliers details

We will send you the most relevant suppliers contact details.

Make a confidence choice

Get quotes for your requirement hassle free and without any cost.

Getatoz For Suppliers

List your business

Get your product listed and start sharing with your network to increase visibility for your brand.

Generate enquiries

Buy leads and promote your listing to generate enquiries for your business.

Connect with buyers

Get insights data for all visitors in your listing & connect with right buyers.

"We have been using Getatoz for the past few years and it has help us reach to genuine suppliers and procuring products at best prices"
Rajan / Sales Head, Vishal Garments
Trusted by 1000s of Global Brands

Getatoz helps generate qualified leads for small businesses

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Getatoz is here for your growth

We help you generate high quality leads for your business and multiply your revenue growth
Lead Management Services

Drive revenue and build stronger customer relationships with our lead management services

SEO Services

Get found online and enjoy the benefits of higher rankings and more traffic with our SEO services

Social Media Services

We help you showcase your creativity & story to a global audience.

Digital Marketing Services

Stay ahead of the competition & get more leads with our full range of marketing services.


Getatoz is a global online B2B marketplace. Our service is to connect buyers and suppliers to find trade opportunities for both parties online.

Once you register in Getatoz, you can post RFQ to get quotes from multiple suppliers. You can also list your business to reach buyers from across the world.

Yes listing on Getatoz is free. You have to pay if you want to promote your listing and buy leads for your business.

About Getatoz

Getatoz is a B2B marketplaces to connect small businesses with buyers from across the world. Getatoz provide digitization services to help small and medium businesses compete with larger enterprises. By connecting small businesses with the products, services & softwares they need, we can help drive innovation & growth. Getatoz help small businesses in establishing their online presence via a website or social media. This can help SMB attract new customers, reach a larger audience and grow their business.

Getatoz Solutions For Sellers

Getatoz provide small businesses with tools and resources to help them grow their businesses.

Getatoz provides small businesses with reach to a vast network of global buyers.

Getatoz provides marketing solutions to small businesses to promote their products and services at very low price.

Getatoz Solutions For Buyers

Getatoz provides small businesses with reach to a vast network of suppliers from various industries and locations to source products at best price.

Getatoz provides buyers with free requirement posting to connect with suppliers and receive quotes from multiple suppliers without having to physically visit multiple suppliers

Getatoz also provides buyers with seller ratings and reviews, certifications and other relevant information to make informed decisions and build trust with seller.

Getatoz Solutions For Business Digitization

Online Product Catalogs : Getatoz provide a platform for businesses to create & showcase their product catalogs online. This allows buyers to browse and search for products, view detailed specifications, images, and pricing information.

Financial Services : Getatoz assist in financial services to facilitate transactions and improve cash flow for businesses such as invoice financing, trade credit and payment gateways.