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Esteemed Greetings Partners, EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS WITH EURO EXIM BANK : What we offer Thank you for this great opportunity to send this message to you at this time using this platform. My name is Michael Agam, and I represent Euro Exim Bank, as an International Trade Finance Professional. Euro Exim Bank is an International Trade Finance Bank head quartered in Saint Lucia with representative office in London, United Kingdom and a staff office in Chennai, India . We operate with a Class A rating. Hence, we can execute foreign trade transaction worldwide. Our sole aim is to serve an increasing demand for financial instruments such as Letter of Credit, Stand By Letter of credit, Bank guarantees, performance bonds, offshore accounts for both corporate and individuals and we also provide a reliable payment gateway for merchants. 1. Are you an Importer, Exporters, Trader, Manufacturer, Buyer, Seller, Trade Merchant, Project Manager, Contractor, Government Ministry offering tenders? 2. Are you have multi-million(dollar, euro), Construction projects or you are into oil and gas offshore or onshore and need performance bond, Advance Payment Guarantees etc ? 3. Do you need financing For Your International Trade Deals? Import, Export, Manufacturing, Company Machinery Purchase or Repairs? 4. Are you looking to secure a bank guarantee ? Firstly, what is a Bank Guarantee : A bank guarantee is a lending institution's promise to cover a loss if a borrower (their customer) defaults on a debt to a third party. The guarantee lets a company buy what it otherwise could not, thereby helping business growth and promoting entrepreneurial activity. Also, bank guarantees serve as collateral to securing contracts. Euro Exim Bank offers up to 5 years Bank Guarantee. Types of Banks Guarantees We Offer: Bid Bond Guarantee, Performance Guarantee, Deferred Payment Guarantee, Financial Guarantee , Foreign Bank Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee. We offer a range of trade financial Instruments to steer up your international trade, cross-border payments, and cash management needs including: Letters of Credit (LC), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees, Pre-advice Services, Merchant Accounts (Eximwave -Payment Gateway), Offshore Banking Services (Individual & Corporate Accounts - Dollar, Euro & Pounds), Performance Bonds, Money Remittance Services, Blocked Funds Services, Proof of Funds Letters, Bank Comfort Letters, Ready Willing and Able Letters, Local Purchase Orders (LPO), Merchant (Trade)offshore accounts for both corporate and individuals and we also provide a reliable payment gateway for merchant. NB: NO HARD COLLATERAL (except for peculiar transactions) / NO CASH MARGIN, REQUIRED !!! Click Here for more information on our product: We are confident that our proposed services will effectively address their needs by extending new fund and non-fund-based facilities and to complete this at the earliest time and, at a convenient cost. By availing themselves of our services, Our customers can: i . Enjoy new non-Fund based limits in our bank. ii. Experience ease of doing business as structure within these Fund and non-Fund based facilities with almost nil or minimal margin requirements iii. Have access to all types of Bank Guarantees – Performance BGs, Mobilization Advance BGs, Retention Money BGs to their Employers out of the non- Fund limits sanctioned by Euro Exim Bank Ltd. iv. Have access to all types of letters of credit including Back-to-Back LC, Front to Back LC) , Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), USANCE v. Access to set up corporate trade offshore accounts with limitless capacity. vi. Obtain the facilities with limited documentation and minimal turnaround time. Our unique ability to structure critical non-Fund based and fund based financial products to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact any time if you need clarification on our product. We look forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship with your organization . You can reach me through this information below Click here for more information on our product and services: Euro Exim Bank is able to do business in over 123 Countries worldwide. We work with customers from everywhere in the world including | LONDON |ST. LUCIA| INDIA- Chennai | SINGAPORE |WEST AFRICA - NIGERIA| CHINA| UAE | CANADA| EUROPE| AUSTRALIA| USA | NB: You can email, OR fax me at anytime from anywhere in the world I am able to conduct business with customers in any part of the world and from any part of the world. Distance is not a barrier . Contact ,me preferably by EMAIL using this information's below We are your NO1 Trade Financial Bank across the Globe, because we provide you the means to grow your business !!! I hope to hear for you soon Michael Agam Trade Finance Executive, EEB, | Email: FAX: 866 -208 -2627 (US/EU/AUSTRALIA/CANADA/ASIA) REF Offices: | LONDON |ST. LUCIA| INDIA- Chennai |SINGAPORE | and in-person representative in NIGERIA - Lagos | Click here for more information on our product: Website:


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