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Silicon Emulsion from Real Xports

Silicon Emulsion

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Silicon Emulsion
Silicone Emulsions Are Non-toxic, Heat-stable Products Created When Silicone Oil Is Dispersed In A Liquid, With The Addition Of A Surfactant. They Are Usually Used In Applications That Benefit From The Material’s Inherent Physical Properties. For Example, Silicone Is Non-stick, Antistatic, And Water-repellent. It Also Is A Safe Replacement For Organic Solvents And Meets Most Safety, Health, And Environmental Regulations. Many Types Of Silicone Emulsions Exist, Providing A Range Of Ph Options, Active Levels, And Physical Properties That Make It Possible To Modify The Material To Your Intended Purpose.



We Are Manufacturers As Well As Trader Of Silicon Emulsion & Some Specific Defoamer Used In Vast Array Of Industries As From Water Repellents To Lubricants, Softners, Anti Slip Agents, Etc.


LIG 1 MP Nagar, Niharika, Kobra , Chhattisgarh (495677), Korba, Chhattisgarh, 495677, India

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