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Austin Powerply from Shree Jeen Plywood

Austin Powerply

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Century Ply from Shree Jeen Plywood

Century Ply

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Alishan Pylwood from Shree Jeen Plywood

Alishan Pylwood

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Veneer Plywood from Shree Jeen Plywood

Veneer Plywood

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Greenply Product from Shree Jeen Plywood

Greenply Product

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Sylvan Ply from Shree Jeen Plywood

Sylvan Ply

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Commercial plywood from Shree Jeen Plywood

Commercial plywood

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Furniture Fittings from Shree Jeen Plywood

Furniture Fittings

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Adhesive from Shree Jeen Plywood


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Green  Plywood from Shree Jeen Plywood

Green Plywood

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Restroom Cubicles Ply from Shree Jeen Plywood

Restroom Cubicles Ply

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Royal Veneer Plywood from Shree Jeen Plywood

Royal Veneer Plywood

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Flush Door Plywood from Shree Jeen Plywood

Flush Door Plywood

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Marine Plywood from Shree Jeen Plywood

Marine Plywood

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BWR Plywood from Shree Jeen Plywood

BWR Plywood

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Movie Veneers from Shree Jeen Plywood

Movie Veneers

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Barbeque Veneers from Shree Jeen Plywood

Barbeque Veneers

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Green Spectrumwood Veneers from Shree Jeen Plywood

Green Spectrumwood Veneers

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We, "Shree Jeen Plywood," are a known and trusted name in the arena of premium grade wood goods, based in Kolkata, the provincial capital of West Bengal state. Plywood, BWR Plywood, Commercial Marine Plywood, Flexi Plywood, Marine Plywood, Shuttering Plywood, Decorative Plywood, Block Board, Flush Door, and Plywood are some of the products we offer as a supplier, trader, and wholesaler. Reputable market brands like as Greenply, Century, Mayur, Truwood Veneers, and others process these items. These wood products are commonly used in partitions, ceilings, flooring, and modular kitchens because of their superb polish, termite and water resistance.

We have reached the pinnacles of success in the market thanks to our extensive industry expertise and experience. We've built a large distribution network to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Our clients' loyalty is strengthened by our flexible payment options, transparent business methods, and cost-effective pricing policies. We have seen a significant increase in our segment under the excellent leadership of our mentor, Mr. Sunil Patwari. His excellent vision, active management, and extensive industry expertise have helped him acquire the trust of a large number of clients across India.


Govinda Niwas 145, Rajarhat Main Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700059, India

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