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Bio Inoculants from Tierra Overseas

Bio Inoculants

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Karanja Oil from Tierra Overseas

Karanja Oil

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Black Salt from Tierra Overseas

Black Salt

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Neem Oil from Tierra Overseas

Neem Oil

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we are manufacturing and exporting Black Salt, Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Lyophilized Bio inoculants, Spices, Dehydrated Powders, Spray Dried Products, Fruit Powders, Vegetable Powders. The multi-dimensional Manufacturer & Supplier provides right product with right quality, at right price and at a right time. Through our expertise in efficient handling and processing systems, we have developed strong business relations with overseas buyers. Buyers can associate with us for a long-terms and mutually profitable business relationship.


73, 1st Floor, Surya Shopping Centre, Srishti Complex, Mira Road East, Thane, Thane, Maharashtra, 401107, India

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